Delivering Results through Extraordinary Experiences

We lead and facilitate results-driven processes for Cabinet-level Secretaries, heads of Agencies and Global Fortune 500 / 1000 CEOs, Boards and their teams. Bringing energy, focus and a streamlined, collaborative approach, we help senior teams create a compelling vision for change and map out a strategy with tangible deliverables and clear accountability. We help forge strong relationships between CEOs and their Boards, government and industry partners, and interagency teams, national networks and consortia. We work with clients to ensure that they are equipped and aligned to deliver high impact results that matter to the Nation and the world. We work with groups from 5 to 500 in Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Workshop Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Impactful Training, and Team Building.

Strategic Planning

We don’t believe in creating documents that sit on a shelf; nor do we believe strategic planning has to take months to complete. Our streamlined approach creates a crisply articulated strategy and an accountability-driven action plan. We help leaders envision a future that is compelling and make tough choices. We focus on results that are valuable, observable, and measurable so stakeholders can align and mobilize resources to deliver tangible successes. We support stakeholder engagement on the front-end as well as building buy-in and commitment at the end. We help with quarterly or annual check-ins and mid-course adjustments. We often support specific planning on key strategic initiatives as needed.

Leadership Development

We inspire and create high-impact leaders through mission-focused workshops, benchmarks and coaching. We design and deliver comprehensive programs tailored for leaders, managers and supervisors as well as high potential individuals from diverse functions and / or targeted career disciplines. We support clients who use rotational assignments to broaden experience and incorporate re-entry strategies as a way to leverage participants’ newly acquired skills and experience.

Fellows Program, sponsored by the International Women’s Forum (IWF)

Fellows Program, sponsored by the International Women’s Forum (IWF) - the leading women’s executive development program in the world today.

NASA Leadership Development Program & NASA Systems and Engineering Leadership Program

NASA Leadership Development Program & NASA Systems and Engineering Leadership Program – highly effective and highly rated cross-agency programs that have produced the next generation of technical leaders for NASA.

Excellence in Government Fellows Program

Excellence in Government Fellows Program - a best-in-class program for cross-agency cohorts of rising Federal leaders in the U.S.

Workshop Facilitation

We develop custom meeting designs and manage meetings, using highly successful approaches for engaging participants – all focused on achieving our client’s targeted objectives. We are nimble, intuitive, confident, and authentic in our facilitation. We facilitate meetings and conferences that run from half-day to five days for groups of 5 to 500.  These can be live sessions, virtual sessions, in-office or off-site. We utilize an extensive array of models and tools driving powerful collaboration and decision-making on the full range of technical and organizational challenges. Clients consistently rave about the documentation and “packaging” we send them a few days after the meeting.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is directly linked to strengthening individual learning and mastery, a key component of learning organizations. Powerful leaders are self-aware and are committed to their own and others’ development in order to drive high performance. We work with individuals to develop their self-awareness and skills in specific areas related to executing their mission successfully. These include skills such as critical thinking, time management, delegation, problem solving, conflict management, and numerous other skills. We often incorporate assessments such as the Gallup CliftonStrengths. 

Impactful Training

Clients consistently tell us that our workshops are the most interactive, engaging and useful workshops they have ever experienced. Training builds connections, increases communication and collaboration, and provides an opportunity to develop “new muscles.” We work closely with clients to clearly define desired outcomes and offer training on a variety of topics including these most requested workshops. 

  • Discovering the Leader Within 
  • Leading from Strengths 
  • Valuing Differences (MBTI)
  • Navigating Change 
  • Strategic Thinking 
  • Powerful Dialogue

Team Building

When it comes to inspiring and challenging teams to learn how to work together to achieve results – and have a lot of fun in the process – nobody can do it quite like we do. We unleash our creativity and energy to deliver team-building experiences that our clients are still talking about! Our intent in designing our unique teambuilding events is to create high-impact adventures that encourage participants to strengthen bonds across teams, cultures and disciplines by sharing fantastic experiences. These are not “silly games” or mindless activities. Rather we intentionally design and tailor these events specifically for each client group with vivid imagination, tapping into both our own and our clients’ unique gifts and playful creativity.

Age of Antiquity

Antalya, Turkey: Imagine 300 people from across the globe working in colorful teams, creating and racing Ulysses’ Rafts in the Mediterranean in Antalya, Turkey, marching 12′ Trojan Horses across the sand, and parading their “Gods and Goddesses of Antiquity” in a Techno Fashion Show. This teambuilding event made history for the two Regional teams who came together to strengthen their cooperation, coordination and over-all capacity.

Amazing Race

Annapolis, Maryland: We didn’t have to go far to recreate an event complete with kayaks, ferry rides, Segways and other forms of transportation for 60 financial investment experts. Making the most of the unique and fascinating environment of Annapolis, the Race gave participants opportunities to share experiences, learn and strengthen teamwork – all in the form of an adventure they’ll never forget.

Passports to Connections

Washington, DC: Imagine 500 participants in a conference room establishing new connections with peers from around the globe and the person with the most new connections winning a coveted prize or recognition; a series of fast-paced, exciting knowledge-sharing segments with peers on important projects they are leading; powerful conversations with clients “up close and personal.” Energy and creativity are important ingredients of every business meeting!