Engaging Teambuilding Events

Sophisticated Fun: When it comes to inspiring and challenging teams to learn how work together to achieve results – and have a lot of fun in the process – nobody can do it quite like us! We let loose our creativity and energy to deliver team-building experiences that our clients are still talking about!
Our intent in designing our unique teambuilding events is to create high-impact adventures that encourage participants to strengthen bonds across teams, cultures and disciplines by sharing fantastic experiences. These are not "silly games" or mindless activities. Rather we intentionally design and tailor these events specifically for each client group with vivid imagination, tapping into both our own and our clients' unique gifts and playful creativity.

• "Age of Antiquity"
– Antalya, Turkey: Imagine 300 people working in colorful teams creating and racing Ulysses' Rafts in the Mediterranean in Antalya, Turkey. Marching 12' Trojan Horses across the sand, and parading their "Gods and Goddesses of Antiquity" in a "Techno Fashion Show"; suffice to say this teambuilding event will go down in history – especially in the history of the two Regional teams who came together to strengthen their cooperation, coordination and over-all capacity. We'll never forget our experiences with them, and we're sure they'll never forget their experiences with each other!

• "Pirates of the Caribbean" – Cartagena, Columbia: Picture 300 people in teams traveling to a tropical island, digging for gold doubloons in the sand, diving for jewels in Dead Man's Lagoon, deciphering clues to find hidden treasure complete with a fully costumed pirates(and a few sharks to boot).. We provided an exciting and colorful environment for 300 serious professionals to let their hair down and build relationships that will extend well beyond the event.

• "Amazing Race" – Annapolis, Maryland: We didn't have to go far to recreate an"Amazing Race" complete with kayaks, ferry rides, Segways and other forms of transportation for 60 financial investment experts . Making the most of the unique and fascinating environment of Annapolis, the Race gave participants opportunities to share experiences, learn and strengthen teamwork – all in the form of an adventure they'll never forget.

• "Quest for the Golden Crab" Scavenger Hunt – Annapolis, Maryland: This creative and highly participative scavenger hunt sent 200 lawyers from around the globe out to investigate every corner of Annapolis while performing crazy stunts, sampling local cuisine and learning about Annapolis' amazing history – all in order to rack up points to win the coveted trophy.