Strategic and Operational Planning

We believe that effective planning is not about creating a document that sits on a shelf. We believe that it is a structured process in which the organization's leadership and its key stakeholders:

  1.  Develop a clear and shared understanding and commitment to the organization's mission (what is our core purpose);
  2.  Create a clear and compelling vision (where do we want to be in 3-5 years' time);
  3.  Make tough leadership choices about the "critical few" goals or outcomes that best move the organization toward the vision;
  4.  Focus on results that are valuable, observable, and measurable so that the organization and its key stakeholders can align and mobilize resources to deliver tangible successes; and
  5.  Develop an action plan with clear roles, responsibilities and time-lines to ensure follow-up and accountability.


The products from our strategy workshops are clear, concise 5-7 page strategic/operational plans (mission, vision, goals, specific results, and strategies) with tactical one-year implementation plans (what, who and when). Often our clients take the products and package them into brochures or documents for public distribution. We also produce a complete set of meeting notes that capture the discussion highlights, small group work, etc. We provide the complete documentation including synthesized plans and agreements within 1-2 business days.