Impactful Training

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshops

Our clients consistently tell us that our MBTI workshops are the most interactive, engaging and useful workshops they have ever experienced. . We find that when people vividly see and experience personality dynamics in the moment, the learning is lasting. As with all of our engagements, we work closely with clients to clearly define desired outcomes for their workshops. Our interactive exercises bring individual styles to life and enable participants to see and appreciate differences among their colleagues along the four MBTI preference dimensions.
All of our consultants are certified in MBTI. Participants take the MBTI online in advance to maximize time for interpretation and understanding during the workshop. Clients may choose either the Basic MBTI or the expanded version of the MBTI, which provides more information to participants about the subcomponents of each preference. The expanded version is particularly helpful for people who fall near the midpoint on the preference scale.

Within an all-staff workshop, activities with intact teams build connections, and increase effectiveness of communication, encourage collaboration, and provide practical methods to develop non-preferred "muscles." We provide proprietary illustrated materials to reinforce learning.

Executive Presence

Powerful leaders align their exterior appearance and actions to their inner leadership values and drive. This enables others to see them "in focus." Our Executive Presence workshops are powerful complements to traditional leadership development programs that focus on internal development. Our Executive Presence workshops address the common causes and solutions for dissidence between outer appearance/manners and core leadership strengths. More than a dozen practical exercises, showcasing the latest scientific research on human interaction on all levels, raise awareness. Participants choose a personal style that will represent them well today and into the future. Interactive exercises, personal introspection, and small group peer coaching combine to clearly convey the choices and the consequences that comprise Executive Presence.

Effective Facilitation and Collaboration

A core skill required for leadership is the ability to drive and manage meetings effectively. Our facilitator training workshops are designed to provide these skills for managers and supervisors who are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their own meetings. Areas of focus include swift gathering of input from participants, building consensus, decision-making, time management, conflict resolution, and action planning.

Powerful Dialogue

The challenge of building and maintaining strong, reliable communications channels and practices is universal. Our workshops address multiple dynamics, including interpersonal styles, dialogue skills, remote/virtual interaction, electronic communications, nonverbal cues, assumptions and inferences, and operating agreements.

Tough Conversations the Right Way!

Having the hard conversation with people that matter is a skill that we all need in order to be effective. This workshop is designed to highlight the conditions that make it tough to have constructive conversations and to build the skills for recovery when things go bad. The highly interactive workshop focuses on using real-time examples to bring a strong sense of reality to the learning. We use a variety of formats to engage individuals as well as the entire group. This workshop is very useful for intact teams as well as for cross-sectional groups within the organization.

Strategic Thinking

With the high volume of work and the pressure to "do more with less" seemingly the new normal, many professionals are frustrated that they do not have time to step back and think strategically; rather, they are forever caught up in the tyranny of the urgent, always "putting out fires" rather than thinking strategically. As a result, strategic thinking is often relegated to annual planning sessions, rather than utilized on a daily basis. Our workshops engage participants in exercising strategic muscles by applying strategic thinking skills to real-life, every-day challenges in the workplace. Utilizing five simple skills, participants are quickly able to gain fresh perspectives and interact with colleagues to bring strategic thinking into the otherwise near-sighted tactical conversation.