Workshop Design and Facilitation

Each of our consultants is experienced in working with clients to clarify meeting objectives, develop custom meeting designs, recommend effective approaches to engaging participants, and manage meetings on-site – all with the aim of achieving targeted objectives. We are nimble, intuitive, confident, and authentic in our facilitation.

We design meetings that run from half-day to five days for groups of 5 to 350, whether in live sessions, virtual sessions, in-office or off-site.

Areas of facilitation expertise:
• Planning (strategic or tactical)
• Cross-Functional and Cross-Agency Collaboration
• Decision-Making
• Process Improvement
• Program / Initiative Design and Launches
• Standing Up New Teams
• Leadership Transitions

Defining the Agenda

In order to get the desired results from any meeting, we work closely with our clients from the beginning to define an appropriate agenda. Typically we will hold an initial planning conversation with our clients to discuss the desired outcomes for the session, parameters such as time available and number of participants, and other critical factors. Based on the desired outcomes we frame an agenda for the session. In addition we develop related workshop materials and/or prepare client scripts if necessary.

Problem Solving

In order to facilitate problem-solving efforts, we work with clients to ensure that the "right people" are included in the process. We add value through real-time synthesis of participant input in order to clarify ideas and recommendations. We also support identification of priorities through tailored "voting" techniques that help teams establish consensus on possible solutions.

Conflict Resolution and Consensus-building

We work with clients to support consensus-based decision-making using a dialogue model of advocacy and inquiry. We add value to this process through framing concepts, summarizing viewpoints and helping participants make powerful proposals. We ensure buy-in by testing agreements real-time with participants in the room, and reinforce the necessity of supporting consensus decisions.

Recording and Synthesizing Discussion Content

We support our clients through the recording and synthesizing of discussion content. We utilize flip charts to ensure that all captured information is accurate and available for review by participants. In addition, we often utilize real-time laptop capture to record speeches, report-outs and/or individual statements. We then add tremendous value to the process by synthesizing the team's work into clear, concise statements presented in a coherent, logical format.

We produce a complete set of meeting notes that capture the discussion highlights, small group work, etc. We provide the complete documentation of any session, including synthesized plans and agreements, within 1-2 business days.