Executive Coaching

Coaching is directly linked to strengthening individual learning and mastery, a key component of learning organizations. Powerful leaders are self-aware and are committed to their own and others' development in order to drive high performance.

We believe that individuals increase their effectiveness exponentially when they make powerful choices to inspire, engage, motivate and reward their staff. Our work in coaching includes a strong focus on helping individuals to develop their capacity to make effective leadership choices in three key dimensions:

  • Alignment: We work with participants to clarify what they stand for in the world and figure out the source of their passion and energy. We work with them to connect their values, passion and energy to the mission of their organization. Finally, we help them envision a future they want to create in their organization and communicate that vision in a way that compels others to follow.
  • Results: We work with participants to help them identify results that are observable, measurable, and valuable to the organization; results that connect to values, mission and vision; results that challenge the status quo.
  • Action: We help individuals identify the steps that will achieve their desired results, specify who their key partners will be, and plan how they will hold themselves accountable for implementing their strategy.

In addition, we work with individuals to develop their self-awareness and skills in specific areas related to executing their mission successfully. These include skills such as critical thinking, time management, delegation, problem solving, conflict management, and numerous other skills.