Our Principles

Return on Investment

Clients tell us we bring tremendous energy and focus to the process and that they accomplish more than they ever believed possible in a short amount of time. We quickly shape and synthesize conversations and strategies into coherent plans for action.

Real Work

We do not use a rigid approach; instead, we tailor the process to the needs of the client organization. We use a highly interactive and collaborative process where participants roll up their sleeves and focus on real work. We produce meaningful results that end up driving resource choices, workload assignments, and more. These are not theoretical, "pie-in-the-sky" conversations or "touchy-feely" exercises.

Real Results

We have a strong bias towards results and do not work on the margin. We push ourselves to work quickly and ensure that we do not waste our clients' time. We drive our clients to focus on important results that matter to the American people (in terms of public service clients) and/or the organization's customers and stakeholders.