Kathleen Case

Senior Consultant

Kathleen's special gifts include seeing through to the inner aspects of an issue combined with clear speaking that stimulates strategic discussion and genesis of solutions. Going to the bull's eye quickly helps groups to focus and create effectively. She captures and displays key elements concisely with rich language on flip charts or PowerPoint, keeping participant engagement high.

Through a wide variety of work experiences, Kathleen has acquired an appreciation for the many layers of human nature, motivation, individual perspectives (the stories in your head), and desire for acknowledgement. Her high-energy strategic synthesizing is driven by a practical applications focus. One of her most respected business partners said, "Some people see dots; some people can connect dots; Kathleen connects dots that most people don't even see."

Over the last six years, she has worked with teams, departments, divisions and entire organizations in the federal, private and nonprofit sectors. She has led leadership development programs and provided coaching to more than 75 professionals. Prior to joining Cindy Zook Associates, Kathleen built an employee-owned company in the medical communications field with a team of three partners. Ms. Case has had a long career in business-to-business and consumer strategic marketing and advertising for local, regional and national professional services, industrial, financial services, retail and healthcare companies. Using a toolbox of leadership, mentorship, and training skills, as well as business savvy, Kathleen has helped to build the next generation of confident and capable leaders in companies with staffs as intimate as 10 and as large as 3,000.

She knows and has successfully met the challenges of start-up, leadership transition, and ending – for three companies over the course of her 35 year career. As co-founder of a Guild, Kathleen brought together the skills of five marketing specialists – each with a core, complementary skill set. She helped the Guild members to define a mission, articulate a set of values, establish a business focus, and work together with respect and trust as a totally virtual group – back in the early 1990's when "virtual" and "email" were just appearing over the horizon. The Guild served each member holistically for eight years – enabling each member to meet her financial, family, and social needs.

Kathleen is an intuitive coach with a broad background in business. She nimbly transforms best practices from one area of business to another – providing fresh insights and serving up non-traditional food-for-thought in group sessions. She has also learned, through patient practice, to keep silent while participants process and work through the conversations that need to be brought forth, providing strategic doses of encouragement and spotlighting key insights.

An ardent student of the Five Elements of Energy, Kathleen incorporates acupuncture and yoga into her wellness routine and her life view.

Kathleen received her Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University in 2014, and her Bachelor of Science in business administration with a minor in mathematics from Salisbury University in 1974. She resides in Oxford, Maryland with her husband, Skip and travels frequently to Tucson, Arizona.