About Us

Cindy Zook, Kathleen Case, John Riordan and Stephanie Cassidy are an expert team of consultants who bring tremendous diversity of experience to bear. Cindy spent 18 years in public service at FAA before starting Cindy Zook Associates. John spent 10 years doing leadership work internationally in Uganda before joining Cindy in her practice. Kathleen worked for 35 years in small and large companies in the private sector before joining Cindy and John.  Before joining Cindy Zook and her team, Stephanie worked for 18 years as a private sector communications professional, and as an event and media booking consultant for corporations and nonprofit organizations.

While different in many ways, we are each skilled in delivering the full range of services with our own unique styles. We work individually, in pairs or as a whole team, to provide the most effective support for each session. We each engage and interact so that participants gain fresh insights and enjoy our different personalities and styles. We have an outstanding support team who work with us to capture clients' work and ensure we deliver outstanding packages at the end of each workshop.

When needed for larger requirements, we select additional facilitators from our extensive network of independent experts. Each of our facilitators is experienced working in international / global companies, non-profit organizations and public sector agencies.

We bring passion, insight and energy to our work and to our relationships with one another. We enjoy being creative and trying new things that will "up our game." We love our work, each other and our families. We believe in being fully authentic in our relationships and encourage our clients to do the same.

We believe very much in servant leadership. Our clients quickly see how much we care about their mission. Our job is to deliver extraordinary results for them, so that they can deliver extraordinary results for their stakeholders.